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I've been a 2000 AD reader in the past, and I've have had the pleasure of inking many artists from the UK; i.e. Bolland, Braithwaite, Bolton, Collins, Gibbons, Frank, Hitch, Kitson, Davis, Neary, etc.

I have worked on Frank Miller's WOLVERINE, Byrne's Capt. AMERICA, Cockrum's X-MEN, Perez's AVENGERS, I CANT BELIVE IT'S NOT THE JL, SUPERMAN, SPIDER-MAN, HULK, JLA CLASSIFIED; I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT THE JLA and many other titles. I'm about to start a series for Dark Horse called ARCHENEMIES, with Yvel Guichette.

Years ago I was asked to ink a page in a SPIRIT jam issue. The page was drawn by John Byrne, Bill Sienkiewicz and a guy I had never heard of named Brian. He had drawn a crowd of characters, one of which was a grim looking guy with a helmet that I did recognize. When I asked Brian who he was, he told me it was a character he drew in England. A few years later, I realized I had had the honor of inking Brian Bolland's JUDGE DREDD.

I'm available for commissions of any sort and cover recreations.


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