Scared Lobsters and Scary Faces this way comes!

Lobster Random
Written by Simon Spurrier and drawn by Carl Critchlow.

Beginning in Prog 1411, (on sale 13th October) heralds the welcome return of everyone‚??s neo-crustacean Lobster Random in ‚??Tooth and Claw‚??.

Torturer-for-hire Lobster Random has got himself a bit of legit work after a messy break-up with his droid lover Klik, but the trouble soon starts when he‚??s hired by the widow of Cadmium Redd - the scientist that created the GM Lobster soldier programme - to help bury his remains on the planet Nixx: the war world where Random was operated on and had his pain and sleep centres removed.

Random is understandably reluctant to return to the site of his nightmares ‚?? but the widow Redd‚??s robotic chassis would turn any head...

Written by John Higgins and Mindy Newell, illustrated by Higgins.

For Carl Woolf, love is blind, REALLY blind. Starting in Prog 1412 (on sale 20th October) ‚??Faces‚??, the sequel to the 1987 2000 AD series ‚??Freaks‚??, written by Pete Milligan and illustrated by John Higgins, follows up the story of Carl and the Kakkakian Kilquo since she decided to stay on Earth. A morphing ability has enabled Kilquo to find work in films and on TV as an actress, but things are not looking good for the couple after Woolf‚??s dotcom business collapses.

Worse still, there are shadowy government forces at work who are taking an interest in Kilquo‚??s skills...

Reporter: Kristien Wendt