Judge Dredd Megazine gets bigger, better and badder!

The Judge Dredd Megazine, the award winning sister title to 2000 AD, is leading the way in superior sci-fi and fantasy entertainment with a complete revamp starting from Meg 224, designed to maintain its lead within the monthly comic book market.

Being perfect bound, 100 pages and a myriad of original comic content, interviews and reviews of all aspects of the Sci-fi/fantasy genre, the Megazine is set to be the premiere Sci-fi/fantasy lifestyle comic in the market.

In addition to a raft of original storylines by the UK‚??s most respected comic talent, the exciting development is the launch the ‚??Heatseeker‚?? review columns. Guest writers are on-board deciding ‚??what‚??s hot and what‚??s not‚?? in the world of sci-fi/fantasy. From Sci-fi/Cult cinema and TV, to Anime and Hong Kong movies, Graphic Novels to Computer games, the Megazine promises to provide its own ‚??unique‚?? opinions on the genres!

But also ‚??The Megazine Interrogation‚?? will be introduced. Author David Bishops presents in-depth interviews with the all-time greats of the UK comics industry, with John Burns the first to face the bright lights!

Jason Kingsley, Co-Publisher of 2000 AD and the Megazine said, ‚??The Megazine has always had an distinctive tone, and from what we‚??ve seen with huge successes within the sci-fi/fantasy market and the feedback of our readers, we can offer valued insight and opinions which is why we‚??ve developed extra content most importantly ‚??Heatseekers‚?? and ‚??The Megazine Interrogation‚?Ě.

‚??We want to appeal to a larger audience that may not have considered reading a monthly comic before, but would be interested in our take on the current sci-fi entertainment out there as we‚??re a recognized authority on the genre‚?Ě.

Jason concludes, ‚??We‚??ve enjoyed enormous success with the Megazine so far, and with our new content and especially additional stories, we hope to secure our lead and ‚??blow your mind!‚??‚?Ě

Meg 224 is on sale from 22nd September 2004.


Judge Dredd: Bite Night (Part 1 of 2)
Writer: John Smith. Artist: John Burns.
Dredd busts open an illegal bitefighting ring. The big surprise is one of the competitors is a vampire!

Judge Dredd: Meat Patrol
Writer: Gordon Rennie. Art: Simon Coleby.
Dredd joins a shift in a Mega-City ‚??Meat wagon‚??. Expect body parts everywhere.

Shimura: Executioner (1 of 3).
Writer: Robbie Morrison. Artist: Andy Clarke.
At last, Hondo-Cit¬Ļs former Judge-Inspector turned ‚??Ronin‚?? returns to the Meg after more than five years. Dredd takes a trip to Hondo to make Shimura an offer he can¬Ļt refuse.

The Simping Detective: Innocence a broad (1 of 3).
Writer: Simon Spurrier. Artist: Frazer Irving.
Undercover Judge Jack Point meets a rival dick on the mean streets of Mega-City¬Ļs Angeltown.

Young Middenface: Killoden (1 of 6).
Writer: Alan Grant. Artist: John Ridgway.
In 22nd century Scotland, the Kreelers¬Ļ crusade against the mutants is about to reach its bloodiest hour and the teenage Middenface McNulty is right in the thick of it.

Anderson Psi-Division: WMD (4 of 6).
Writer: Alan Grant. Artist: Arthur Ranson.
Continues from Megs 221-223

Reporter: Kristien Wendt