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COVER DATE: 23rd July, 1983

Price: 22 pence Earth money
Cover: Dan Dare by Ian Kennedy


Dan Dare

Fireflight 45 episodes (Eagle 39 to 83) 130 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Ian Kennedy
Featuring: The Mekon
Colour centrespread and back page. Episode in Eagle 44 redrawn from Frank Hampson's original art. Story started in Fireflight continued untitled from Eagle 48. Changed to colour cover and centrespread in Eagle 50. Ran as colour centrespread and one B&W page in Eagle 79. Ran as colour cover, centrespread and one B&W page in Eagle 82 and Eagle 83.

Crowe Street Comp.

Crowe Street Comp. 45+ episodes (Eagle 49 to 93) 135 pages
Script: Fred Baker, Artist: Rex Archer

The Hand

The Hand 24+ episodes (Eagle 70 to 93) 64 pages
Script: Gerry Finley-Day, Artist: Vanyo
Colour. First episode printed on interior and back page. Changed from full-colour to B&W in Eagle 79.

Walk or Die

Walk or Die 29+ episodes (Eagle 65 to 93) 102 pages
Script: Scott Goodall, Artist: Howard Payton, Escolano
Photo-strip. Changed to line-art in Eagle 79

One-Eyed Jack

Happy Charlie (Eagle 70 to 70) 3 pages
Script: Unknown, Artist: John Cooper


Meets the Uglies 10 episodes (Eagle 68 to 77) 42 pages
Script: Alan Grant, Artist: Sven Arnstein

House of Correction

House of Correction 12 episodes (Eagle 64 to 75) 46 pages
Script: Chris Lowder, Artist: Mike Prior

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