2000AD: 2
Extras: 1

Dash Decent

Dash Decent

Dash Decent 20 episodes (Progs 178 to 198) 21 pages
Script: Dave Angus and Kevin O'Neill, Artist: Kevin O'Neill, Letters: Tom Frame
Featuring: Captain Klep (ep. 1 and 16)
Not in Prog 180
2000AD Yearbook 1992
Quality: Halo Jones 05 (1-10), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Halo Jones 06 (11-20), Colour: Unknown

Tharg The Mighty

Tharg's Head Revisited 1 episode (Prog 500)
Script: Tharg the Mighty, Artist: Dave Gibbons, Ian Gibson, Cam Kennedy, Mike McMahon and Kevin O'Neill
Featuring: Invasion, Dan Dare, Rogue Trooper, A.B.C. Warriors, Big E in Action, Harlem Heroes, Metalzoic, Judge Dredd, Halo Jones, Robo-Hunter, Mean Machine, Satanus, Chopper, Venus Bluegenes, Nemesis the Warlock, Torquemada, Bonjo from Beyond the Stars, Dash Decent
Quality: Time Twisters 21, Colour: Unknown

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