2000AD: 41
Megazine: 3
Extras: 19
Fanzines: 5

2000AD: 47
Reprints: 2
Extras: 12
Graphic Novels: 1
Star Scans: 15

Sketches: 2
Wallpaper: 4
Icons: 2

THARGTharg The Mighty

Tharg The Mighty

Slushpile (2000AD Online) 1 pages - Read Online
Script: Jacob Turner, Artist: Jacob Turner, Letters: Jacob Turner
Featuring: Shakara

A Christmas Tale... (2000AD Online) 1 pages - Read Online
Script: Vicky Stonebridge, Artist: Vicky Stonebridge, Letters: Vicky Stonebridge

King Trout

Away in a Fish Tank (2000AD Online) 11 pages - Read Online
Script: Peter Nagle, Artist: Peter Nagle, Letters: Peter Nagle
Featuring: Tharg The Mighty

Tharg The Mighty

Going Underground (Zarjaz Dreddcon Special) 5 pages
Script: Pete Gurr and Simon Gurr, Artist: Simon Gurr, Letters: Simon Gurr

The Big Lie (Zarjaz 4 to 4) 7 pages
Script: Jay Eales, Artist: Henry Flint (pg.1), Jock (pg.2), Simon Fraser (pg.3), James Kircough (pg.4-6), Graeme Neil Reid (pg.7), Letters: Tom Frame (pg.2), Graeme Neil Reid (pg.7)
Featuring: Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, Tor Cyan, Invasion, Nikolai Dante, Angel, Blackhawk, Meltdown Man, Judge Dredd, Big E in Action, Dan Dare

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