The Top Ten Places to be on the Internet

1. AltaVista - the internet would be a much smaller place without search engines.

AltaVista Find this:   

2. AddAll - a search engine for out of print books.

  1. Babel Fish - Instants translations between English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  2. IMDB The Internet Movie Database - The place to be if you like movies.
  3. eBay - Excellent for valuing items as well as e-commerce.
  4. Yahoo! Groups - Thousands of email lists to join. Set one up if you can't find what you want. Formerly Egroups and Onelist.
  5. My Yahoo! - Yahoo! messenger, share prices, weather reports, Yahoo! Clubs, news headlines, TV listings, and a currency convertor all on one customisable page.
  6. News.cis.dfn.de - Free news server.
  7. Streetmap - Instant UK maps by postcode.
  8. AMG All Music Guide - The closest thing to IMDB for music.

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