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Psychology Internal pages   I maintain the internal web pages for the Psychology Department.
VESPR   Web applications and reseources.
My staff page   A partial answer to the question 'How do you demonstrate psychology?'
Termight Replicas   Licensed 2000AD and Judge Dredd full-scale replicas
2000AD Art Gallery   Orginal artwork for sale, plus private collections to view
2000AD Online   I was webmaster for the Official 2000AD Website 2001-2008
BARNEY   A 2000AD fan site created from the old official site
The Lost Characters of Frank Hampson   Written by Alastair Crompton, author of "The Man Who Drew Tomorrow", this site showcases unpublished Frank Hampson characters created after Dan Dare and The Road of Courage, and also features Frank's tryouts for Modesty Blaise.
Mark Harrison - Portfolio   A website I created for artist Mark Harrison, who used to draw The Travellers in White Dwarf.
Termight   Collectors' Indexes for 2000AD/Judge Dredd
Spacefleet   Collectors' Indexes for Eagle/Dan Dare
2000 AD Links Project   Once upon a time the largest collection of 2000AD related links on the internet.
Cambridge Games Factory   I was Commercial Director for my brother's card and board game publishing company 2010-2012.
Citroën DS   The most beautiful car in the world!
Wyvern the 2CV   Another Citroën, but this time the emphasis is on utility rather than beauty.
Sport and Leisure
ECWBC   An archive of crew lists and results for Exeter College Boat Club women's senior crews.
Hoghton's   Sir Gilbert Hoghton's Companie of Foote. Battle reenactment with the Sealed Knot Society.
19 May 2007 Virginia Militia at Kettering
OUWIHC   Oxford University Women's Ice Hockey Club
15 Apr 2007   Emma's first marathon in Paris
20 May 2007 Emma's first triathlon at Eton
Family and Friends
2 May 1999   A souvenir of the day Emma and I got married.
22 Jan 2002   Finlay's baby pics.
Lovelace Carter   A partial explanation of why I have such a strange name. Maintained by Richard W.L. Carter
I write poetry I guess   Poetry blog by Freya Carter
Gar's Bobbins   A gallery of Gar's bobbin collection, most of which have now been sold.
Trench Art   A gallery of Liz's trench art collection, which is being sold by me on eBay.
Friends   Names of friends from my past.
Les Canebières
The Domaine   A mobile home village spread over three hills
487   Chez nous
12 August 2006   A forest fire on the next hill which caused an evacuation of the domaine.
Social Networking
comicartfans   My comic artwork collection
eBay   My auctions
facebook   I mostly use facebook to upload photos and keep in touch with friends
flickr   More photos
twitter   Updates mostly aimed at Termight Replicas customers
YouTube   My Videos
OSCar.10   My top ten of places to be on the Internet.
Oxford Info   Links to local sites of interest.
OSCar's Secret Santa   Mini-site to help with office secret Santas.
The Witches' Goddess   A list of goddesses, demonesses, etc. from myths and legends around the world.
Recycle Bin   The pages that updates forgot.

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