2000AD Online is an interactive companion to the comics 2000AD  and The Judge Dredd Megazine.

Over the past few years, this site has grown and grown in both information, and the number of users. I welcome all new visitors to the site, as well as returning fans. However, I understand that the vast magnificence of the site can be a bit daunting, and would therefore like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the most interesting features of the site. For your ease, if you see some text in this colour, it means you can click on it, and be taken directly to the relevant section of the site. This introduction, by no means covers all the existing functions of the site, so once you have become more accustomed to the site, feel free to investigate, using the navigation bar at the top of each page.


The website is broken down into 9 areas, listed in the menu bar above. Within each area, are more specific locations. Outlined below are some of the main features.

PUBLICATIONS : The ultimate reference guide to 2000AD this area details everything you ever wanted to know about the galaxy’s greatest comic, and its sister publications.

CHARACTERS: A guide to all the characters that have appeared in 2000ad. Including first and last appearances. You can also read some classic strips online.

CREATORS: Learn all about your favourite art or script droids. They are all listed here. This area also includes pages for fan art and fan fiction.

NEWS AND FEATURES: All the latest 2000AD related news and gossip can be found here. This area includes online games, and photos from recent 2000AD events.

ABOUT 2000AD: Learn about the history of 2000ad.

SHOP: Visit the secure online shop if you wish to purchase 2000AD merchandise.

SUBSCRIBE: Visit this area, if you would like to take out a subscription.

DOWNLOADS: Want to customise your pc? Here you can download 2000AD related wallpaper, screensavers, tiles and icons. You can also download 2000AD related games, music and video.

CONTACTS: 2000AD Online has a very friendly community area. Built up of fans young and old. Visit this area, to make contact with them, be it via the message board, or in one of the chatrooms.


As you can see, there are plenty of features, full of information, for you the 2000AD reader. There’s also more. This site is very user friendly, and to that end, is totally interactive. Outlined below, are some of the best Interactive functions, that you can benefit from, by registering to join the site. Registering costs nothing, and is very easy to do. You can register here.

MESSAGE BOARD: On the 2000AD message board, you can discuss 2000AD with fellow fans, or discuss other topics that you think might interest them. Even a few droids have been known to appear.

CHAT: Talk in real time with other fans, and droids. The site has two chatrooms; IRC, and Database.

FAN PROFILES: If you submit fan art, fan fiction, games, screensavers, wallpaper, or anything else that is published on the site, you will be eligible for your own fan profile page.

VOTING: You can vote for amongst other things, your favourite stories, covers, droids and characters.

POLLS: You can participate in voting on topical polls, set up by other fans and droids.

Email updates: As a registered user, you will also receive important emails from Tharg, about up coming events and features that may be of interest to you. You can choose not to receive this emails.

At the bottom of every 2000AD online page, there is a link to the site map, and the help pages, so you need never get lost.


Did you know, that on this site, you can:

1)     Personalise your login, by using your own icon,

2)     Set a language filter to remove (some) swear words from the chatroom, in a unique 2000AD style.

3)     At the press of a button, have a complete thread emailed directly to your inbox.

4)     List message threads after most recent reply, or most recent thread.

5)     Collect logs from the chatroom archives. Or have a log sent to you every ˝ hour that people are talking.

6)     Have replies to your messages sent to you via email, and have all replies to threads that you start emailed to you.

7)     Or that you could choose to have every message posted on the message board emailed to you.

For more details about these functions, please visit the help pages.

This page was brought to you by: Robin Lees.