site mock-up A
Rushed prototype design for this site.


site mock-up B
Delusionally thought of as an improvement.


site mock-up C
Saved by professional designer Matthew Banwell.

Site contact

Email linton@lintonporteous.net.

The creators of this web-site:

Unless noted otherwise, all of the art and character quotes used on the site are from the original strip.

Lots of 2000ADonline message boarders were also generous in providing guidance, assistance and support: not least Oddboy for suggesting the creation of this site in the first place. Even though their online names may have changed, thanks go out to Endjinn, Art, His Lordship rac, Bolt-01, johnnyeyebrows, paulvonscott, thinky, dankell, Scottie, Noisyblast, Byron Virgo, Professor Bear, Wake, Steamboy, Dudley, ukdane, petesbeats, archangel, GermanAndy, Dark Jimbo, Floyd Kermode & anyone we've forgotten.

Additional references are given within the text of the annotations section.