2000AD: 22
Megazine: 3
Extras: 6
Fanzines: 2

2000AD: 3
Megazine: 2
Star Scans: 1

Technology: 1

WALTERWalter the Wobot

Walter the Wobot

Tales of Dwedd (2000AD Annual 1980)
Script: Unknown, Artist: Unknown
Text story

Judge Dredd

Death Trap! (Audio Drama Judge Dredd Death Trap!)
Script: David Bishop
Featuring: Judge Death, Walter the Wobot, Mrs. Gunderson
Audio drama. Directed by Nicholas Briggs, starring Toby Longworth as Judge Dredd and Mark Gatiss as Judge Death.

Walter the Wobot

Eisner Block (Judge Dredd Annual 1981) 8 pages
Script: Gary Rice, Artist: Brendan McCarthy, Letters: Peter Knight
2000AD Prog 611

Woad to Wuin (Judge Dredd Annual 1982) 6 pages
Script: Gary Rice, Artist: Steve Kyte, Letters: Steve Potter

Judge Dredd

Revolt of the Robots (Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future 7 to 7) 12 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Kevin Cullen, Colour: Steve White, Letters: Gordon Robson
Featuring: Walter the Wobot

Droid Life

He Screwed Off with Head-Posed Ray-Gear (2000AD Prog 2009) 1 pages
Script: Cat Sullivan, Artist: Cat Sullivan
Featuring: Walter the Wobot

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