Today is 13 July, 2146 AD


Black Friday. 1st Jan. 6.00am. Volgan Republic of Asia invades Western Europe.

The Resistance
2023 After the end of the Volgan War against the Eastern Bloc countries, work starts on building a vast Mega-City centred around New York, in an attempt to cope with the rapidly soaring population of the East Coast states. It is initially intended to house three to four million people; America's population at the time is rapidly approaching a thousand million.
2031 The enormous metropolis is nearing completion. Such a vast structure needs a special form of government, and so a new form of policing system is introduced to cope with the problems posed by such a concentrated mass of humanity. The Judges are hand-picked, at first, from the ranks of the regular police forces, but are soon established as a separate entity, with recruits trained from a very early age. They have a more senior status than the regular police, and are respected and feared on the streets for their grim impartiality. The first Chief Judge, Judge Fargo (known to later generations as 'The Father of Justice'), is responsible only to the president himself.

The success of Mega-City One inspires other areas to build Mega-Cities, and plans are drawn up for Mega-City Two, to run down the whole of the Western seaboard, and Mega City Three, centred around Texas and the other Southern states. Each is designed to accomodate around two hundred million citizens.


Finished in 2047, Mega-Cities Two and Three are built; on the streets of all three Mega-Cities, the Judges have replaced the traditional policeman, as violence and crime escalate under the already crowded conditions.


Harlem Heroes Aeroball team is decimated in a road-liner crash (Giant, Slim, Hairy & Louis being the only survivors) but reforms to win the World Aeroball Championship!

Harlem Heroes

Judge Soloman reluctantly takes over as Chief Judge on the death of Judge Fargo, at the insistence of the other members of the Council of Judges, the ruling body of the Justice Department of which the Chief Judge is head.


Soloman steps down, in favour of Judge Goodman, and returns to the streets where he is happiest.


A new process of accelerated cloning, coupled with Genetic Control screening for probable Judge material, means that trainees are able to become full Judges in record time. The legendary Judge Dredd is one of the first children to benefit from this new technique.


Caught in a maze of diplomatic wrangling, President Robert L Booth of the USA starts the Atomic Wars, which rapidly devestate most of the USA, USSR and Europe. The Mega-Cities escape direct nuclear attack, however, because of experimental laser defence systems installed just a year earlier. Shocked by such an abuse of power, the citizens of America rise up and depose President Booth; he still has many loyal followers, however, and control over the country's robotic Mek-troop army, and a bloody civil war starts. The citizens petition the Judges to take over the running of the country.


In the heart of the Cursed Earth, a vast irradiated wasteland formed in the wars, Booth's Presidential Guard in finally defeated at the Battle of Armageddon, but only at the cost of the lives of a hundred thousand Judges and Mek-troops. Acting in his temporary position as Grand Judge for all three Mega-Cities, Judge Soloman pronounces his famous 'Judgement of Soloman', which states that the deposed Booth should be put into suspended animation, and entombed in Fort Knox for one hundred years.


A steady inflow of homeless refugees from the ruins of the Cursed Earth swells the post-war populations of the Mega-Cities; MC-1 has 550 millions, MC-2 has 350 millions, and MC-3 has 260 millions. More and more blocks are built, but demand fast outstrips the supply of housing and many citizens form shanty-towns outside the walls of the Mega-Cities. Gradually, the problem is eased by new fast construction techniques, but space in the Mega-Cities is becoming tight.


Joe and Rico Dredd graduated with honours to become full Judges. A few months after leaving the Academy, Judge Joe Dredd arrests his clone-brother Rico for the crimes of taking bribes, vice and murder. Rico is sentenced to twenty years on the penal colony of Titan.


After years of wrangling over independance and government, civil war breaks out between Mega-Cities One and Three. The latter does not feel it is getting a fair deal, being governed as it is by people in the other Mega-Cities, and that its individual identity is being submerged. The other two cities oppose the idea in the interests of unity, however, and (probably more importantly) the highly valuable resources controlled by Mega-City Three.


The war ends in stalemate, however, and, deciding that further conflict would simply be a waste of time, Mega-City One allows Three to secede and declare its independance. Mega-City Three adopts the name Texas City; the other two form closer links with each other and form 'The Union'.


Luna-1 moon base is established by all three Mega-Cities. Although it is hailed as a great scientific achievement, it is seen by many as a diplomatic exercise, designed to renew and cement relations with Texas City. Government of the colony is divided initially between all three cities, with a senior Judge being sent every six months to take over as Chief Judge.


William "Whitey" Logan muders Judge Alvin while holed up in the old Empire State Building. Whitey is apprehended by Dredd and sentenced to life on "Devil's Island", surrounded by speeding traffic.

Judge Whitey

The people of Mega-City One unveil the gigantic Statue of Judgement in honour of the Judges. The city's population has risen to a staggering eight hundred million, and many people are homeless. Some enterprising citizens take to the road in ever-moving mobile homes, and all of a sudden there are 18 million of them, perpetually driving the roadways of the city. A robot rebellion, led by renegade droid Call-me-Kenneth, brings about widespread destruction before it is finally quashed; anti-robot lobbies gain much support.


Judge Giant, son of John 'Giant' Clay of the Harlem Heroes graduates as a full judge

The Academy of Law

Rico Dredd returns to Mega-City One, and is killed by Judge Dredd while attempting to take his revenge.

The Return of Rico

Judge Dredd becomes temporary marshall of the moon colony.


Judge Dredd returns to Mega-City One


Welch Logan destroys the old World Trade Center buildings while holding the city to ransom for the release of his brother, Whitey. Welch is later executed by Dredd, and Whitey is returned to Devil's Island.


Mega-City Two falls prey to the deadly viral disease, 2T(FRU)T, which threatens the very existence of the city. An overland mission finally reaches the Mega-City with the antidote after a long and dangerous trek across the Cursed Earth.

The Cursed Earth

Report by
Paul Scott

2101 Judge Dredd was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 20 years on Titan. However, it was later discovered that this was a plot to discredit him, involving a android lookalike. Crime and Punishment

Report by
Paul Scott


Chief Judge Goodman is murdered on the orders of the mad Judge Cal, who takes control of the Mega-City for a hundred day reign of terror, during which time he makes a goldfish his second-in-command and sentences the whole city to death!

The resistance movement, led by Judges Griffin and Dredd, finally rises against Cal and his alien mercenaries the Kleggs, and the tyrant plummets to his death from the top of the Statue of Judgement whilst proving his ability to fly! Griffin takes over as Chief Judge, and the Mega-City gets back to 'normal' in the Spring of 2102.

The Day the Law Died

Report by
Paul Scott


Judge Death arrives in Mega-City One. Declaring all life a crime, the supernatural creature slaughters dozens of citizens, until his body is destroyed by Judge Dredd. When the creature possesses Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson, she sacrifices herself by allowing herself to be sealed in the "miracle plastic" Boing(tm), trapping Death's spirit with her.

Judge Death

On his death bed, Psi-Judge Feyy predicts doom for Mega-City One in 2120 unless the Judge Child, destined to be the Chief Judge, can be found. Dredd goes in search of the Child, who was abducted by the Angel Gang. After tracking down and executing the gang on a distant planet, Dredd rejects the Judge Child as evil and returns to the City.

The Judge Child

Judge Death is freed by his compatriots, Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis. When the Dark Judges seal off Billy Carter Block and begin murdering its population, Judge Dredd and the revived Anderson enter the block and force the unkillable things to retreat across the dimension span to their own dead world. Anderson and Dredd follow the creatures, and Anderson channels the wrath of the lost souls on Deadworld to exorcise the Dark Judges.

Judge Death Lives

A series of Block Wars accelerate into Block Mania, under the influence of Orlok the Assassin, a Sov agent who has been putting drugs in the water supply. The Mega-City erupts into chaos, with neighbour fighting neighbour, and even Judges being affected by the drug.

Block Mania

Report by
Paul Scott


Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East-Meg One launches an all-out nuclear strike on the already-weakened Mega-City One, and the Apocalypse War begins. Prolonged fighting devastates both the Mega-City One and Sov sides, but a daring raid into Sov territory results in the obliteration of East-Meg One by its own missiles, and the invaders finally surrender. Chief Judge Griffin has died in the war, along with over four hundred million other citizens and Judges. Most of Mega-City One is in ruins, and millions are homeless, setting up more makeshift shanty towns in and outside the walls. Judge McGruder, head of the SJS, takes over as Chief Judge.

The Apocalypse War

Report by
Paul Scott


The city is gradually rebuilt over the next 2 years, but many parts still lie in ruins, and irradiated Sectors (or Rad-pits) are dotted around the city. Disease is a common hazard, and pollution is not diminished by tough laws. Unemployment is nearly 90%, and many bored citizens turn to crime, often just for something to do. A wave of insane crazes sweep the city, inspired by controversial vid shows and renegade Juve gangs, and the Judges are ever-more hard pressed to keep the peace. They are strong, though, stronger than ever, and they have The Law on their side!


Tek Division produces the Proteus, a prototype time machine. The machine is used by Judges Anderson and Dredd to travel forward to 2120, in order to discover the truth of Judge Feyy's final prediction. In 2120 they discover the ruined Mega-City, ruled over by the Mutant, a vastly powerful psionic being created from the cloned tissue of Owen Krysler, the Judge Child. Dredd loses his eyes in combat, and battles his undead future self. The Judges return to 2106 with "Zombie Dredd", and Chief Judge McGruder orders the termination of the Grunwalder and the destruction of his castle in an attempt to prevent the calamity from taking place. The inactive "Zombie Dredd" is placed in the Black Museum, and Judge Dredd is fitted with bionic eyes.

City of the Damned

Judge Anderson is lured to Deadworld and duped into reviving the Dark Judges, and is left for dead by them when they return to Mega-City One. The Dark Judges use their Dimension Jump technology to teleport across the city, always one step ahead of the Judges and killing thousands. Eventually Psi-Division manages to predict their arrival point and the Dark Judges are trapped in limbo through the use of a prototype Dimension Jump device.


After a error in judgment results in widespread destruction, McGruder resigns as Chief Judge and takes the Long Walk. Judge Silver assumes the office. The Democratic movement in the City gains momentum.

A Chief Judge Resigns

The Exploding Man incident

The Exploding Man

Democratic Tendency take over Channel 48 breakfast show


Judda attack MC-1


Judge Dredd breaks up the Democratic Charter March, but has doubts that his actions were justified.


Public call for Chopper's release to compete in the now-legalized Supersurf in Oz prompts the judges to move him. Chopper escapes and begins a long trek to Oz to race. Meanwhile, cloned judges from the race banks of father judge Morton Judd, known as the Judda, begin their strike against MC-1 from their base in Ayers' Rock. Dredd teams with Oz Judge Bruce to handle both problems and destroys the Judda with a nuclear device, but the Oz Judges let Chopper go free after he loses the race to Jug McKenzie.


'The Mutant' (Clone of the Judge Child) attacks MC-1 and turns the Judges into 'Blues' vampire like creatures.


Kraken, last of the Judda in Mega-City One, is failed by Dredd on his final assessment despite a flawless performance. Kraken is sentenced to be terminated, and administers his own lethal injection, which is in fact merely a powerful sedative.

After experiencing severe doubts about his role as a Judge, Dredd resigns and takes the Long Walk.

Tale of the Dead Man

Chief Judge Silver makes Kraken a Judge, and uses him to replace Dredd.

Under the influence of the Sisters of Death, Kraken kidnaps Psi-Judge Agee. The Sisters use her mind to form a bridge to Mega-City One, and force Kraken to free the Dark judges from dimensional limbo. The City becomes a Necropolis. Despite the efforts of Dredd and other Judges, over sixty million citizens are killed before Agee's death breaks the bridge between worlds, and three of the Dark Judges are imprisoned in Boing(tm) once more. Judge Death remains free, however. Chief Judge Silver dies during the disaster and McGruder re-assumes the office.


The Hunt Club organises 'Death Aid', a sponsored massacre, in order to raise funds for those unfortunate children left parentless as a result of Necropolis.

Death Aid

Judges Dredd and Dekker round up conspirators who were plotting to murder Dredd and sabotage the Democratic Referendum. The conspirators included Judges Grice and DeGaulle. The citizens overwhelmingly re-elect Justice Dept. to govern the City.


Grist escapes Titan penal colony and attacks MC-1 with 'Meat Virus'.


Silver, thought to be dead, returns in a zombie-like form, explaining that Death had left him alive for regular torture and demands that McGruder relinquish control to him. Dredd settles the matter by executing Silver for promoting Kraken and giving the Dark Judges a foothold.

Return of the King

Judgement Day. Sabbat the Necromagus arrives from the year 2178, and sets about reanimating the dead all over the world. Billions die as several Mega-Cities are completely overrun by zombies, and are nuked out of existence to prevent Sabbat's army growing further. Aided by Johnny Alpha, a mutant bounty-hunter from Sabbat's time, an elite squad of Judges end the conflict. Sabbat's head remains alive atop a mystical lodestone, and is transported to Mega-City One for incarceration. A side-effect of Sabbat's presence is that zombies occasionally rise at Resyk, forcing the Judges to ensure that workers there are armed with shotguns.

Judgement Day

Mechanismo project started


Ankhor discovered in Luxor City. Supreme Judge Traktorfactori assassinated


McGruder resigns (again). Judge Hadrian Volt becomes Chief Judge


Cal-hab 'Song-in-the-Sky' satellite destroyed


Dredd takes over sector 301.

The Pit

Report by
Arthur Wyatt


Galen DeMarco is discovered to be having an affair with another Judge.

Unjudicial Liaisons

Report by
Arthur Wyatt


Riots sweep sector 301.

Bongo War

Report by
Arthur Wyatt


The disaster predicted by Feyy does not come to pass. The "Zombie Dredd" stored in the Black Museum spontaneously reanimates, but is destroyed by Dredd.

In the Year 2120

Dredd is captured by Orlok the Assassin and taken to the new Kremlin to stand trial. He escapes, causing the destruction of the floating Kremlin.

The Trial

Nero Narcos programs the new Mark 11 Lawgiver to self destruct and robots to turn on the Judges after his signal is given. He then defeats the Judges with assassinator robots. With help from Brit-Cit, Dredd leads a team which reprograms Narcos' robot reinforcements to turn on their comrades.


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