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How much is Prog 1 worth? Where can I buy it? Who can I sell to? Find the answers here...

Private 2000AD artwork collections. Who owns what?
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A full list of graphic novels all on one page.
An anternative to the classifieds, specifically designed for the CCG and other collectable series.
Which Judge Dredd stories have been reprinted where? This page shows the best way to collect them, from the point of view of an American collector.
This price guide is very approximate and is maintained by Grant Goggans.


2000AD Artwork Gallery by Wakefield Carter
Buy artwork from featured artists, and view numerous private collections
Termight Replicas by Wakefield Carter
Full scale licensed replica Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper weapons and equipment.
Mark Harrison Portfolio by Wakefield Carter
Online portfolio with links to online comics and artwork for sale - The Galaxy's Greatest Artwork by Rufus Dayglo
Official Representatives of Carlos Ezquerra, Dave Gibbons, Garry Leach, Cliff Robinson, Henry Flint, Arthur Ranson and Trevor Hairsine. Specialists in UK Comic Art.
Mega-City Comics
Comic shop established nearly 20 years in heart of Camden Town. Extensive graphic novel, manga and book stock, including full-line of 2000AD reprint titles. Back-issues range from classic silver age right up to latest hot titles. Full standing order and mail order service, plus online store.
Splash Page Comic Art by Mark Hay
Galleries of original artwork for sale
Superhero Store by The Superhero Store
Comic, book and video store complete with a dedicated 2000 AD & related online catalogue. Also available as the biggest comic shop on
26 Pigs by Com 1 UK Ltd.
A ground breaking collectables trading site enabling buyers and sellers to trade with each other.
Replay Toys
Online auction site dedicated to toys and games
Silver Acre Comics
Worlds largest selection of comics listed online. Over 900,000 comics in stock. 111,000 different comics listed on our website. Full runs of 2000ad and related comics and annuals always in stock. Please view our website or phone 01244 680048.