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AKA Wake, Wakefield Carter


I set up my first 2000AD web page (OSCar.2000 which evolved into Termight) in January 1997, after I failed to find another website out there which could tell me what there was to collect apart from just the Progs and Megazines. Later the same year I co-created a new website (The 2000AD Links Project). Both of these sites were runners-up in Tharg's 1998 website competition. When Rebellion started looking for people to work on the official site I offered to help with merchandise lists, etc. but ended up being offered the position of webmaster instead. When I'm not working on this site, I'm a Psychology Demonstrator for Oxford Brookes University where I help students and staff with statistics and computers, a battle reenactor in both The Sealed Knot and the Napoleonic Association and a proud father of my children Finlay, Freya and Branwen.


Private 2000AD artwork collections. Who owns what?

The 2000AD message board.

View full details of future, current and past graphic novels.

A full list of graphic novels all on one page.

An anternative to the classifieds, specifically designed for the CCG and other collectable series.

Read and vote on script drafts.


2000AD Artwork Gallery by Wakefield Carter
Buy artwork from featured artists, and view numerous private collections
Termight Replicas by Wakefield Carter
Full scale licensed replica Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper weapons and equipment.
The 2000AD Links Project by Wakefield and Mechanismo
The largest collection of 2000AD and Judge Dredd links on the Internet
Mark Harrison Portfolio by Wakefield Carter
Online portfolio with links to online comics and artwork for sale
2000AD Prints by Mark Harrison by Wakefield Carter
Signed Durham Red and Judge Dredd A3 prints for £19 each plus postage.
Termight by Wakefield Carter
My main 2000AD fan site. Some pages have been copied to the official site, but others are still waiting in the wings.
The Travellers by Mark Harrison and Wakefield Carter
Originally published in White Dwarf magazine and now digitally rehashed for a new generation!
Red Alert! by Wakefield Carter and Robin Lees
Tactics and codes based on the free gift given with 2000AD Prog 3.
Prints by Dylan Teague by Wakefield Carter
Signed A3 prints for £10 each plus postage.
Alec Trench's Thrill Pitcher by Mek-Tie and Wake
Writer's block? Stuck in a virtual reality prison? This could be the answer to all your creativity problems!
Spacefleet by Wakefield Carter
Dan Dare collectors site, which includes the Dan Blair newspaper strip and a story index.
The Lost Characters of Frank Hampson by Alastair Crompton & Wakefield Carter
Frank Hampson attempted to sell several strips to Eagle after he'd finished The Road of Courage. This site has partially restored copies of Birney, Raff Royal, Mary Lee, Dawn O'Dare, Monogram, The Chalmers, Bird Boyd and Peter Rock; plus Frank's version of Modesty Blaise.