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2000AD PROG 870

COVER DATE: 14th January, 1994

Price: 70 pence Earth money
Cover: Judge Dredd by Carlos Ezquerra

Judge Anderson by Arthur Ranson


Big Dave

Costa del Chaos 4 episodes (Progs 869 to 872) 24 pages
Script: Grant Morrison/Mark Millar, Artist: Anthony Williams

Judge Dredd

Frankenstein Div 4 episodes (Progs 868 to 871) 24 pages
Script: Mark Millar, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 20
Hachette: Judge Dredd The Mega Collection Inferno

Mother Earth

Mother Earth 6 episodes (Progs 867 to 872) 36 pages
Script: Paul Neary and Jaye, Artist: Cliff Robinson


Book III 6 episodes (Progs 867 to 872) 36 pages
Script: John Smith, Artist: Simon Harrison
2000AD Extreme Edition 20

Soul Gun Warrior

Soul Gun Warrior 6 episodes (Progs 867 to 872) 36 pages
Script: Alan McKenzie, Artist: Shaky Kane

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