2000AD: 7
Megazine: 181
Extras: 17
Fanzines: 39


Non Fiction

Dan Dare the TV Series - Grounded! 1 episode (Prog 197) 3 pages
Script: Unknown, Artist: Brett Ewins, Brendan McCarthy, Brian Bolland
Featuring: Dan Dare, The Mekon
Article about the delay of the proposed series

You are the Law! 1 episode (Prog 1358) 1 pages
Script: Matt Smith
Review of Dredd vs Death

Tharg's Big Breaks 1 episode (Prog 1526) 5 pages
Script: Michael Molcher, Artist: Various
Text article

Behind the Thrills: Defoe 1 episode (Prog 1656) 1 pages
Script: Edward Kaye, Artist: Leigh Gallagher
Featuring: Defoe
Text article

The Road to Hell 1 episode (Prog 1659) 1 pages
Script: Dr. Brian Ireland
Extract from Errand into the Wilderness: The Cursed Earth as Apocalyptic Road Narrative. Journal of American Studies.

Behind the Thrills: Dandridge 1 episode (Prog 1726) 1 pages
Script: Michael Molcher, Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt
Featuring: DANDRIDGE

How to Draw Judge Dredd 1 episode (Prog 2162) 5 pages
Script: Karl Stock

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