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2000AD PROG 816

COVER DATE: 2nd January, 1993

Price: 60 pence Earth money
Cover: Finn by Mick Austin


Brigand Doom

Spirits Willing 4 episodes (Progs 815 to 818) 24 pages
Script: Alan McKenzie, Artist: Dave D'Antiquis

Dead Meat

Dead Meat Book 2 9 episodes (Progs 812 to 820) 51 pages
Script: Michael Cook, Artist: Simon Jacob

Judge Dredd

The Kinda Dead Man 1 episode (Prog 816) 6 pages
Script: Garth Ennis, Artist: Anthony Williams
Featuring: Judge McGruder shaves her goatee.
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 18
DC/Rebellion: Judge Dredd Judgement Day
Hachette: Judge Dredd The Mega Collection Judgement Day


Finn Book 2 10 episodes (Progs 807 to 816) 60 pages
Script: Pat Mills/Tony Skinner, Artist: Jim Elston, Kevin Wicks, Letters: Steve Potter
Judge Dredd Megazine 361


Aces of Slades 4 episodes (Progs 813 to 816) 24 pages
Script: Mark Millar, Artist: Anthony Williams

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