2000AD: 17
Megazine: 5
Extras: 5
Fanzines: 8

2000AD: 23
Megazine: 3
Reprints: 3
Extras: 1
Graphic Novels: 6
Star Scans: 3

Artwork: 8
Sketches: 2
Cover Art: 13
Wallpaper: 11
Icons: 2

DURHAMDurham Red

Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Carlos Ezquerra

Durham Red

Red Mist (Dog Breath Issue 9) 8 pages
Script: Scott Montgomery, Artist: David Morris and Jake Howard
Text story

Tales of the Doghouse

Spot the Strontium Dog (Dog Breath Issue 10) 3 pages
Script: Ian Millstead, Artist: Bruce McLaren
Featuring: Middenface McNulty, Durham Red

Strontium Dog

True Romance (Dog Breath Issue 12) 6 pages
Script: Dr. Bob, Artist: Dr. Bob, Letters: Dr. Bob
Featuring: Durham Red
A Dogbreath photostory of passion and plastic toys

A Small Country Killing 4 episodes (Dog Breath Issue 12 to Issue 15) 24 pages
Script: Ez, Artist: Richard Hunter, Letters: Richard Hunter
Featuring: Wulf Sternhammer, Durham Red, Middenface McNulty

Strontium Dogs

Whistler:The Dehydrated Westinghouse (Dog Breath Issue 13) 2 pages
Script: David Evans (1), Artist: David Evans (1), Letters: David Evans (1)
Featuring: Durham Red

Sun & Moon: Hunters of Bounty- King Everywhere (Dog Breath Issue 19) 6 pages
Script: The Emperor, Artist: James Feist, Letters: David Evans (1)
Featuring: Durham Red


The Dame wore Red (Zarjaz 2) 6 pages
Script: Mat Thomas, Artist: Peet Clack, Letters: Andrew Lewis
Featuring: Durham Red

Durham Red

Hunted (Zarjaz 2 (vol. 2)) 5 pages
Script: Nathan Adler, Artist: David Gray

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