2000AD: 17
Megazine: 5
Extras: 5
Fanzines: 8

2000AD: 23
Megazine: 3
Reprints: 3
Extras: 1
Graphic Novels: 6
Star Scans: 3

Artwork: 8
Sketches: 2
Cover Art: 13
Wallpaper: 11
Icons: 2

DURHAMDurham Red

Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Carlos Ezquerra

Durham Red

The Golden Mile (2000AD Yearbook 1993) 6 pages
Script: Alan Grant, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Reprinted as Ring My Bell.
Judge Dredd Megazine 320

The Calling (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 2014) 8 pages
Script: Robert Murphy, Artist: Duane Redhead, Colour: Kirsty Swan, Letters: Ellie De Ville

Diners (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1995)
Script: Peter Hogan, Artist: Paul Marshall, Colour: Dondie Cox

The Unquiet Grave (Black Flame Novel Durham Red: The Unquiet Grave) 256 pages
Script: Peter J Evans

Ghosts (2000AD Winter Special 1994)
Script: Peter Hogan, Artist: Mark Harrison
The Best of 2000AD Special Edition 2000

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