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Artwork and strips from Squaxx dek Thargo. Please send contributions to this section to

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Portfolio by Matthew Clark
Freelance Digital Artist.
Kaso Comics by Anthony Cacioppo
We've got GREAT stories and COOL ARTWORK! Check us out!
Arthur Wyatt by Arthur Wyatt
Online portfolio
Nucomix by Simon Bowland & various
Nucomix is the BIG small-press anthology project which is currently gaining critical acclaim for its professional production values and intelligently written and beautifully illustrated comic strips. Published monthly, each issue of Nucomix features four brand-new strips of various genres, showcasing work from some of the finest upcoming comic creators of the future. Preview material is available via the website.
Lifeforms by John Hays
A gallery of custom 9" and 12" figures, including Judge Dredd.
Dragonart by Ian Simmons
Dragonart is the web name of Welsh illustrator Ian Simmons who specialises in all forms of cartoon and realistic illustration. View online portfolio by clicking the link.
Drokk City by John Caliber
The ultimate online Judge Dredd resource for readers, writers and roleplayers. Extensive source material documenting the Judges, Mega-City One, 22nd Century technologies, citizens and criminals. Professional quality PDFs that can be viewed onscreen, or printed off as hardcopy.
Solar Wind by Paul Scott
Solar Wind is the National Comic Award winning tribute to the adventure comics of the 70's and 80's. We are always looking for artists for strips for Solar Wind and companion titles Big War Comic, House of Fright, Sunny for Girls and The Geezer. "Yesterday's Comic, Today' at Tomorrow's Prices!"
Portfolio by Gary Wilkinson
Artwork and articles (including comic stuff)
Mustard Mag #2 by
Free web-zine containing an article on 2000AD by Alex Musson
Straight Edge Art by Vehit Ismail
Online portfolio
Silly Arts by Jonathan Odds
on-line portfolio
Studio 1 Design by Geoffrey Shane
Online portfolio and comics
Portfolio by Matt Nicholson
Aspiring computer game designer/artist desperately seeking exit from dead-end call centre hell! Comments & Criticism welcome!
Comic strips & illustration by Simon Penter
Online portfolio
Site of Blendi Tagani
Online portfolio
Portfolio website by Mathew Cooling
John's Work by John Peel
Online portfolio
Artistic dabblings by John Gilheany
Online blog
The Wright Stuff by Tony Wright
Online blog