New Thrills for Prog 1577!

Prog 1577 sees the start of two new Thrills.

Savage: The Guv'nor by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard is the fourth book in the acclaimed near-future series. With an uneasy truce holding between the British people and the occupying Volgan forces, Reconciliation Month is a time for building bridges - but for Bill Savage, now running a pub in King's Cross with his sister under new guises, there will be no peace until the UK is free of the Volgans!

Dead Eyes by John Smith and Lee Carter is a brand-new story, a contemporary thriller with undercurrents of serious weirdness. Lance Corporal Danny Redman is completing his tour of duty in Basra, looking forward to returning home to his wife and young daughter. But events will plunge him into a maelstrom of horror and mystery!

Prog 1577 is on sale 12 March 2008, still only £1.90.

Reporter: Matt Smith