2000AD leads the way in Digital comic enjoyment

2000AD, the UK Premier Sci-Fi comic is pioneering 21st century comic book distribution with the launch of its full digital online service on Wednesday 19th March.

The site, the first to enable customers to download full copies of the comic, forms part of, the digital comic distribution website.

Clickwheel, the leading provider of digital comics to Apple iPhone and iPod, not only provides 2000AD content, but also exclusive comics from the leading lights of digital or webcomic creators and artists.

Will Simons, the Creative Director of Clickwheel said; â??Never before has a leading comic force such as 2000AD taken such an exciting step forward. We have taken the lead from our competitors such as Marvel and DC Comics, and now with new launch services, 2000AD and Clickwheel are pioneering comic book distribution and above all, enjoyment.â??

â??The 2000AD page on has been redesigned inline with our 2008 plans. We now offer a full subscription service, where for an annual or monthly fee you can receive each 2000AD issue one week after it hits the news-stands. We have continued our expansion of the 2000AD archive where presently you can access all of 2007 issues and this will continue, so over the coming months customers can access every 2000AD issue from 1999, and we have plans to go even farther back to bring some classic 2000AD comics into the digital fold.â??

â??Adding to the 2000AD portfolio, the Judge Dredd Megazine will be available for the first time digitally.
The Megazine has been a very popular partner to 2000AD since 1990 and we have high hopes for this title.â??

â??And by popular demand, we have added the Comic Book Reader Format to the site so our customers can now read our comics in via any of the popular Comic Book Reader applications.â??

Matt Smith, Editor-in-Chief of 2000AD said, â??2000AD has been at the cutting edge of comic books for over
30 years, so it is only right that it is 2000AD which takes the lead in the digital age so fans all over the world can enjoy the comic. 2000AD and Clickwheel are a perfect match and 2008 promises to be a very exciting time for us.â??

Tim Demeter, Editor-in-Chief of Clickwheel adds; â??In addition to our 2000AD digital service, we have added original Clickwheel content in the form of our quarterly iNKED anthology. The best creators and artists have collaborated to produce a series of exclusive comics for the 100pp anthology designed specifically to view on the Apple iPhone and iTouch. At Clickwheel we cater for all genres of digital comics and iNKED is the very best comic we have ever created.â??

Will concludes; â??Our plans in 2008 will put Clickwheel at the forefront of comic book distribution and creation.
Very soon the global market will view comics very differently.â??

Reporter: Kristien Wendt