How can I write in bold or italics?

Some html is allowed on the message board, and in the chat room. The general format for using html is to put an opening 'tag' before the thing you want to modify, and a closing 'tag' after it. For bold, use <b> to turn bold on, and </b> to turn bold off again. Similarly italics are turned on with <i>, and turned off again with </i>. Don't forget the ending tags, or you'll end up turning other people's messages bold, etc. Also, do not use > and < for anything other than html, or you may find that portions of your message get deleted. If you really need to display these symbols (as I do here), type "& g t ;" for ">" and "& l t ;" for "<" (without spaces in each case).

Answer supplied by: Wakefield Carter

How do I create an online poll?

Only droids and fans who have earned profile pages have the ability to create polls. So the most likely answer is that you can't, unless you earn yourself a profile page.

Link: Poll Index.
Answer supplied by: Wakefield Carter

How do I get an icon on the message board?

  1. Choose your icon
    • Icons are 32x32 pixel gifs.
    • There are many examples on the website already, just check the properties of the image you want to find its name.
    • If you can't find a suitable icon, you can create one and send the image to
    • Animated gifs are permissable, but should be no larger than about 5k
    • If you can't create one, send a description of the type of icon you would like to the same email address.
    • Icons will usually be uploaded to the site the same day, but if it isn't please be patient.
  2. Follow the link to the database chat room (below)
  3. Type "/icon xxx" where xxx.gif is the filename for your icon.
  4. Find a message on the message board you have previously posted to check. Icons are backdated, so you don't need to write a new message to test them.
  5. Enjoy your new found expression!

Link: Database chat room.
Answer supplied by: Wakefield Carter

How do I post a link on the message board?

Copy the location of the link you are posting and place it in the URL box. If the link is to another part of 2000AD Online, you can give the relative path, e.g. /index.php3?zone=submissions. On the other hand, if the link is to an external site you must include the full location starting with http://. Please be aware than the 2000AD Message board can be read by minors so do not link to 'adult' sites.

Answer supplied by: Wakefield Carter

How do I post an image on the message board

The image must already exist on the internet. If the image is on the 2000AD website you can put the 'relative' path, e.g. images/icons/wake.gif. On the other hand, if the image is on another website you must include the full URL, including http://

Answer supplied by: Wakefield Carter

What does "Email me this thread" mean?

Pressing the button "Email me this thread", will send a copy of the entire message thread, as it currently stands, to your registered email address. Further additions to the thread are not emailed automatically, unless you press the "Watch this thread" button.

Answer supplied by: Robin Lees

What does "Watch this thread" mean?

Pressing the button "Watch this thread", will send any additional messages posted to the thread to your registered email address. This button automatically changes to a "Stop watching this thread" button if you are watching the thread. Pressing this will stop additional posts being emailed to you. In order to have the entire thread's contents sent to your email, use the "Email me this thread" button.

Answer supplied by: Robin Lees

What's all this about chat rooms?

There are 2 different chat rooms available on the website:

1) A database driven chat room which includes a room list and a 1 hour memory, plus several other features.
2) A powerful IRC room. This has been combined with the room list from the database chat room to increase its intergration with the rest of the website

The database chat room is the more popular of the two, but cannot run as smoothly as the IRC room.

Answer supplied by: Wakefield Carter

Why aren't the animated icons animating?

Do you use Zone Alarm? If so, see if you can tell the ad blocker to allow animations.

Answer supplied by: James Kircough

Why can't I reply to a message on the message board?

The message board uses a Dewey decimal system for organising the messages. For example, message 1775.01 is the first reply to the initial message in thread 1775. If someone replies to that message, their's will be 1775.011, but if they reply to the initial message it will be 1775.02.

Therefore any given message can only have 9 direct replies (apart from the initial message which can have 99), and I have set an arbitrary message 'depth' of about 9...i.e. I've fixed the number of decimal places. There is still space in a thread for 10 billion messages (or whatever) but a severe restriction on simple chatting (i.e. alternating posts). I have no intention to 'fix' this. It's just a feature of the way I've written the board.

Therefore, if you can't reply to a message, try replying to another message in the same thread.

Answer supplied by: Wakefield Carter

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