Dredd vs. Death - I have installed the v1.01 patch but I still get the message saying I need to install it when I run the game.

The patch might not have installed correctly. Try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, then running the patch. If you have already downloaded the patch from the in-game prompt, it will be saved in the "patches" folder in the game's install directory. To check if the patch has updated the executable, right-click on the file Dredd.exe in Windows Explorer and select Properties. The file should have a modified date of 13th October 2003. If the file has a modified date of 25th September, it is the unpatched v1.00.

If this problem persists, please contact Vivendi Universal Games technical support.
+44 (0) 871 0752621
Calls are charged at 0.10 GBP per minute

Opening hours are 0900 to 2100 inc Saturdays and Bank Holidays

Link: Dredd vs. Death Patch V1.01.
Answer supplied by: Tim Jones

Dredd vs. Death - When I run the game I get a message telling me to install a patch. I don't want to!

You must install the v1.01 patch if you want to join online multiplayer servers. There is a known issue with the patch which does not allow you to select "no" when asked whether to install. To play the game in single-player without installing the patch, make sure your PC is not connected to the internet.

Link: Dredd vs. Death patch V1.01.
Answer supplied by: Tim Jones

How many 2000AD and Judge Dredd annuals have been published?

There have been 14 2000AD annuals (1978 to 1991) and 4 2000AD yearbooks (1992 to 1995). The first Judge Dredd annual was dated 1981, so there were only 11 of those. The 1995 yearbooks are undated on the cover, and have 1994 as the year of publication on the copyright notice. However, they are still referred to as 1995, since it is standard practice in the UK to publish annuals in time for Christmas with the following year on the cover. Have a look at the 'other publications' page for more details plus information on specials, poster progs, games, etc.

Link: Other Publications.
Answer supplied by: Wakefield Morys-Carter

Is Rebellion going to release original graphic novels based on 2000AD charaters?

Original Graphic novels are not viable with the sales we have so far. If we were looking at selling 20 or 30 thousand then they might work. You estimate the cost of commissioning 48 pages of artwork and script...

Answer supplied by: Jason Kingsley

Where has the letters page gone?

The letters page hasn't been officially got rid of, but it tends to come and go simply because it's the most dispensible section of the magazine (it's not like we could lose the last page of any of the strips, is it?!).

Answer supplied by: Mark Chapman

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