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CLASS OF '79 NO. 1

COVER DATE: 1st March, 1998

Price: 2.00 Earth money
Cover: Judge Dredd by Rufus Dayglo

Mean Machine by Rufus Dayglo


Judge Dredd

My Hero (Class of '79 No. 1) 3 pages
Script: Rufus Dayglo, Artist: Rufus Dayglo, Letters: Rufus Dayglo

Courtroom (Class of '79 No. 1) 4 pages - Read Online - Read Script
Script: Chris Lowder, Artist: Rufus Dayglo, Letters: Rufus Dayglo
This script was commissioned by Pat Mills in autumn 1976, but never drawn.


Art Robot Mike McMahon (Class of '79 No. 1) 4 pages
Script: Mike McMahon interviewed by Rufus Dayglo, Artist: Mike McMahon

Mega-City One

Harry Heston (Class of '79 No. 1) 5 pages - Read Online
Script: Gary Simpson & W. R. Logan, Artist: Henry Flint, Letters: Henry Flint
First published in The Class of '79 issue 1.
Heston created by Jake Lynch & Stewart Crofts-Perkins.

Deaths in Mega-City 1 (Class of '79 No. 1) 1 pages
Script: Aaagh!, Artist: Unknown
Text story

Pasternak: Size isn't everything (Class of '79 No. 1) 2 pages
Script: Grainne Forde, Artist: Unknown
Text story

Non Fiction

2000AD Submission Guidelines (Class of '79 No. 1) 2 pages
Script: Andy Diggle

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