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2000AD PROG 1017

COVER DATE: 12th November, 1996

Price: 1.10 Earth money
Cover: Judge Dredd by Paul Marshall and Alan Craddock

Bix Barton by Jim McCarthy

Fine Art Print No. 3 - Mazeworld



Mazeworld 10 episodes (Progs 1014 to 1023) 60 pages
Script: Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson, Artist: Arthur Ranson

Judge Dredd

Darkside 12 episodes (Progs 1017 to 1028) 72 pages
Script: John Smith, Artist: Paul Marshall, Colour: Alan Craddock, Letters: Tom Frame
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 25
2000AD Extreme Edition 10

Rogue Trooper (Friday)

Rogue Troopers 9 episodes (Progs 1014 to 1022) 54 pages
Script: Dan Abnett/Steve White, Artist: Alex Ronald
Featuring: Venus Bluegenes


Fleshworks 9 episodes (Progs 1014 to 1022) 54 pages
Script: David Hine, Artist: David Hine

Time Flies

Tempus Fugitive 9 episodes (Progs 1015 to 1023) 54 pages
Script: Garth Ennis, Artist: Philip Bond (1-5), John Beeston (6-7), Roger Langridge (7-9), Colour: Simon Jacob, Letters: Steve Potter
2000AD Extreme Edition 19

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