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2000AD PROG 1956

COVER DATE: 17th November, 2015

Price: 2.55 Earth money
Cover: Sinister Dexter by Jon Davis-Hunt


Bad Company

First Casualties 12 episodes (Progs 1950 to 1961) 74 pages
Script: Peter Milligan, Artist: Rufus Dayglo & Jim McCarthy, Letters: Simon Bowland

Brass Sun

Motor Head 10 episodes (Progs 1950 to 1959) 55 pages
Script: Ian Edginton, Artist: D'Israeli, Letters: Ellie De Ville
First episode double length


The London Hanged 11 episodes (Progs 1950 to 1960) 79 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Leigh Gallagher, Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Episodes 10 & 11 double length.

Judge Dredd

Sleeping Duty 1 episode (Prog 1956) 6 pages
Script: Michael Carroll, Artist: Nick Dyer, Colour: Abigail Bulmer, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Sinister Dexter

The Taking of the Michael 6 episodes (Progs 1951 to 1956) 30 pages
Script: Dan Abnett, Artist: Patrick Goddard, Colour: Eva De La Cruz, Letters: Ellie De Ville

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