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2000AD PROG 344

COVER DATE: 26th November, 1983

Price: 20 pence Earth money
Cover: Rogue Trooper by Cam Kennedy


Judge Dredd

Rumble in the Jungle 3 episodes (Progs 343 to 345) 20 pages
Script: John Wagner/Alan Grant, Artist: Ian Gibson
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 07
Fleetway Quality: Judge Dredd Classics 75, Colour: Unknown
The Complete Judge Dredd 34
Titan: Judge Dredd Chronicles Book 19
Quality: Judge Dredd (Volume 2) 37 (1-2), Colour: Unknown
Fleetway Quality: Judge Dredd (Volume 2) 38 (3), Colour: Unknown

Nemesis the Warlock

The World of Nemesis (Book 3) 15 episodes (Progs 335 to 349) 71 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Kevin O'Neill, Letters: Steve Potter
The Best of 2000AD 44
The Best of 2000AD 45 (15)
Titan: Nemesis the Warlock Nemesis: The Beginning
Rebellion: Nemesis the Warlock Volume 1
Titan: Nemesis the Warlock Book 2

Rogue Trooper

Gasbah 5 episodes (Progs 343 to 347) 25 pages
Script: Gerry Finley-Day, Artist: Cam Kennedy
2000AD Annual 1991
Rebellion: Rogue Trooper Eye of the Traitor
Rebellion: Rogue Trooper Tales of Nu-Earth 2


The Bull Dance 1 episode (Prog 344) 6 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Massimo Belardinelli
The Best of 2000AD 59
DC/Rebellion: Sláine Warrior's Dawn
Quality: Spellbinders 05, Colour: Unknown
Rebellion: Sláine Warrior's Dawn

Strontium Dog

The Moses Incident 11 episodes (Progs 335 to 345) 55 pages
Script: Alan Grant, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Rebellion: Strontium Dog Search/Destroy Agency Files 02
The Best of 2000AD 24

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