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2000AD PROG 86

COVER DATE: 14th October, 1978

Price: 10 pence Earth money
Cover: Character Montage by Dave Gibbons


Judge Dredd

Crime and Punishment 1 episode (Prog 86) 6 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Brian Bolland
Featuring: Judge Cal
Start of Judge Caligula storyline. First appearance of Deputy Chief Judge Cal (soon to be Chief Judge)
Timeline data: 2101
Titan: Judge Dredd Epics The Complete Judge Caligula
Titan: Judge Dredd Epics Judge Caligula 1
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 02
The Complete Judge Dredd 8
Titan: Judge Dredd Epics The Day the Law Died
Eagle: Judge Dredd 9, Colour: John Burns
Titan: Judge Dredd Epics The Day the Law Died


Flesh Book 2 14 episodes (Progs 86 to 99) 78 pages
Script: Geoffrey Miller, Artist: Massimo Belardinelli (1-12), Carlos Pino (13-14)
Prion Books: 2000AD The Best of (1-2)
2000AD Extreme Edition 7
Quality: Scavengers 20 (1-3), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Scavengers 21 (4-6), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Scavengers 22 (7-8), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Scavengers 23 (9-10), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Scavengers 24 (11-12), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Scavengers 25 (13-14), Colour: Unknown


Death on the Orient Express 2 episodes (Progs 86 to 87) 12 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Dave Gibbons, Letters: Dave Gibbons
2000AD Yearbook 1994
Judge Dredd Megazine 4.01
The Best of 2000AD 17
Fleetway Quality: Cyber Crush 01, Colour: Unknown
Quality: Halo Jones 09, Colour: Unknown
Quality: Sam Slade Robo-Hunter (Volume 2) 01 (1), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Sam Slade Robo-Hunter (Volume 2) 02 (2), Colour: Unknown
Titan: Ro-Busters Book 1
Rebellion: Ro-Busters The Complete

Strontium Dog

The Galaxy Killers 9 episodes (Progs 86 to 94) 45 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra, Letters: Peter Knight (1), Carlos Ezquerra (2-9)
Featuring: Wulf Sternhammer, The Gronk
Judge Dredd Megazine 214
Rebellion: Strontium Dog Search/Destroy Agency Files 01
DC/Rebellion: Strontium Dog The Early Cases

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