2000AD Writer: 5
2000AD Artist: 4
2000AD Letters: 1
Megazine Writer: 1
Other Writer: 123
Other Artist: 58
Other Letters: 1
Daily Star Artist: 3

2000AD: 6
Megazine: 3
Other: 33
Reprints: 3
US Reprints: 49
Graphic Novels: 4
Star Scans: 15

Wallpaper: 2

Fan Thrills
Artist: 3
Fanzine Covers: 1

Fan Input
Games Designer: 5


Tharg's Future Shocks

Beautiful World 1 episode (Prog 30) 2 pages
Script: Unknown, Artist: Ron Turner, Letters: Peter Knight

A Promised Land 1 episode (Prog 31) 3 pages
Script: Unknown, Artist: Horacio Lalia, Letters: Peter Knight

Non Fiction

Dan Dare the TV Series - Grounded! 1 episode (Prog 197) 3 pages
Script: Unknown, Artist: Brett Ewins, Brendan McCarthy, Brian Bolland
Featuring: Dan Dare, The Mekon
Article about the delay of the proposed series

Rogue Trooper

The Legend 1 episode (Prog 567) 2 pages
Script: Unknown, Artist: Steve Dillon, Letters: Gordon Robson
Prologue to Hit 2

Walter the Wobot

Woad Wash 1 episode (Prog 79)
Script: Unknown, Artist: Unknown

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