Judge Dredd

City of the Damned 14 episodes (Progs 393 to 406) 93 pages
Script: John Wagner/Alan Grant, Artist: Steve Dillon (1, 5-7, 12-13)/Ron Smith (2-3, 10, 14)/Kim Raymond (4, 11)/Ian Gibson (8-9)
Featuring: Judge Anderson
Timeline data: 2106
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 08
The Complete Judge Dredd 39 (1-6)
The Complete Judge Dredd 40 (7-14)
Titan: Judge Dredd Epics City of the Damned
Fleetway Quality: Psi-Judge Anderson 12 (1)
Fleetway Quality: Psi-Judge Anderson 13 (2-5)
Fleetway Quality: Psi-Judge Anderson 14 (6-10)
Fleetway Quality: Psi-Judge Anderson 15 (11-14)
Quality: Judge Dredd (Volume 2) 15 (1-5), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Judge Dredd (Volume 2) 16 (6-9), Colour: Unknown
Quality: Judge Dredd (Volume 2) 17 (10-13), Colour: Unknown

Tek Division produces the Proteus, a prototype time machine. The machine is used by Judges Anderson and Dredd to travel forward to 2120, in order to discover the truth of Judge Feyy's final prediction. In 2120 they discover the ruined Mega-City, ruled over by the Mutant, a vastly powerful psionic being created from the cloned tissue of Owen Krysler, the Judge Child. Dredd loses his eyes in combat, and battles his undead future self. The Judges return to 2106 with "Zombie Dredd", and Chief Judge McGruder orders the termination of the Grunwalder and the destruction of his castle in an attempt to prevent the calamity from taking place. The inactive "Zombie Dredd" is placed in the Black Museum, and Judge Dredd is fitted with bionic eyes.