Comic Textbook by Matt Brooker
D'Israeli's colouring advice
Alec Trench's Thrill Pitcher by Mek-Tie and Wake
Writer's block? Stuck in a virtual reality prison? This could be the answer to all your creativity problems!
Creating Comics by Dave A. Law
An excellent site with loads of useful links.
Online Journal of an Aspiring Comic Creator by Christopher Bunting
This web-site documents my undertaking to become a published comic book writer.
The Comic Book Writer's Info Page by JayJay Jackson
Lots of ideas on how to write comics, and how to find information for writing comics (or nearly anything else!).
Writing For Comics by Marc Fleury
US site for aspiring writers, Essays, Supplements, Resources and Feedback
Larry Dempsey's Comic Book Inking Survey by Larry Dempsey
Inking info and expert tips


Tharg's Future Shop by 2000AD Online
Action figures, posters, postcards, and clothing.
the brian bolland cover gallery by Chris Hanks
An extensive collection of Brian's artwork. Offline
2000AD Artwork Gallery by Wakefield Carter
Buy artwork from featured artists, and view numerous private collections
Rebellion by Rebellion
Spread the Word! by Lee Robson
Everything you could want to know about The ABC Warriors, Nemesis and Ro-Busters is right here. Profiles, prog checks, series historys and a whole lot more - Spread The Word!
Termight Replicas by Wakefield Carter
Full scale licensed replica Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper weapons and equipment.
I invented Judge Dredd by BBC News
To mark the 25th anniversary of 2000AD, writer John Wagner recalls in our weekly Real Time series how he came up with the comic's ruthless lawman, Judge Dredd.
Rogue Trooper The Game
Official website
2000AD Review by Gavin Hanly
An unofficial site devoted to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. Weekly synopses and reviews of the latest issues, plus exclusive creator interviews, news, features and more.
The Art of Mike McMahon by Simon Gurr
Contains examples of Mick's work, comments from other artists, interviews, etc.
The 2000AD Links Project by Wakefield and Mechanismo
The largest collection of 2000AD and Judge Dredd links on the Internet
Titan Books
The leading publisher of graphic novels in the UK.
Dredd vs Death
The official website for Rebellion's Judge Dredd computer game
Gibson Studios by Ian Gibson
Halo Jones, RoboHunter, Anderson Psi Division plus a peek at some new projects.
Wargames Foundry
Makers of 28mm lead miniatures
Mark Harrison Portfolio by Wakefield Carter
Online portfolio with links to online comics and artwork for sale - The Galaxy's Greatest Artwork by Rufus Dayglo
Official Representatives of Carlos Ezquerra, Dave Gibbons, Garry Leach, Cliff Robinson, Henry Flint, Arthur Ranson and Trevor Hairsine. Specialists in UK Comic Art.
Comic Book Resources by Boiling Point Productions
News, commentary, community resources and much more.
2000 AD Books
Official micro-site showcasing 2000 AD graphic novels
The Semi-Official Nikolai Dante Website by Simon Fraser
Artwork, Background info, etc.

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