2000AD: 2
Megazine: 1

2000AD: 2
Star Scans: 1

The Spacegirls

Created by Jason Brashill, David Bishop


The Spacegirls

Space Girls 5 episodes (Progs 1062 to 1066) 30 pages
Script: David Bishop (1), John Tomlinson (1-5), Artist: Jason Brashill


Tharg The Mighty

A Night 2 Remember 1 episode (Prog 1280) 10 pages
Script: Pat Mills/Gordon Rennie/Robbie Morrison/Dan Abnett/John Tomlinson/Alan Grant/Grant Morrison/Mike Carey/Andy Diggle/Garth Ennis, Artist: Kevin O'Neill/Frazer Irving/Ian Gibson/Simon Davis/Kevin Walker/John Higgins/Steve Yeowell/Anthony Williams/Jock/Dave Gibbons, Letters: Tom Frame (pages 1-9), Dave Gibbons (page 10)
Featuring: Marshal Law, M.A.C.H.1, Judge Dredd, Finn, Invasion, Storming Heaven, Nikolai Dante, Halo Jones, Sinister Dexter, Torquemada, Judge Death, A.B.C. Warriors, Tor Cyan, Walter the Wobot, Strontium Dog, Ace Trucking, Stix, Zenith, D.R. & Quinch, Mazeworld, Lenny Zero, Judge Anderson, Hewligan's Haircut, The Balls Brothers, The Spacegirls
Set at the 25th Anniversary party at Ministry of Sound


Judge Anderson

Wiierd 5 episodes (Megs 272 to 276) 45 pages
Script: Alan Grant, Artist: Boo Cook, Letters: Simon Bowland
Featuring: Tharg The Mighty, Invasion, Blackhawk, The Spacegirls, Shako

Deep Space - a true genius, Deep is able to outsmart any computer. Highly practical, she can find a solution to any problem and acts as team leader for the Space Girls. But the added responsibility makes her uptight and she can't seem to solve her own emotional problems

Wide Open Space - the Space Girls' secret weapon. She is irresistible to men, making her the perfect decoy when the quintet take on top secret facilities involving male security. A slave to love, Wide Open puts herself and the others in danger just to satisfy her own desires

Inner Space - able to shrink herself to the size of a microbe, Inner can access anything and everything, even people's bodies. The tiny titan has a special set of extendible flight wings to help her get around and gadget-laden gauntlets. But she gets easily distracted by tiny details

Hyper Space - speedster of the team, Hyper is able to move faster than the eye can see, the perfect first strike weapon. But her temper is almost as fast as her legs, making the fleet-footed female very, very quick to anger. Hyper feasts frequently to feed her hyper-fast metabolism

Free Space - the trio of the team, Free can split herself into three. However her alternate selves only last three hours before she must re-absorb their energy to survive. Worst still, the alternate are extreme versions of herself, one all sweetness and light, the other utterly amoral

The future

Across the universe

The Space Girls were manufactured by intergalactic scumbag Bazzajan Quilty to service his evil, perverted needs. But Bazzajan's boffins forgot to stop the girls having minds of their own and the fivesome escaped to freedom. Their unforgiving creator put a massive bounty on their heads, making the Space Girls fugitives. But they have their own agenda - to destroy the secret formula used to create them and thus prevent Quilty cloning off an army of mindless imitations...

The Space Girls traverse the galaxy in their stolen spaceship, known only as T.F.U.