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2000AD PROG 994

COVER DATE: 31st May, 1996

Price: 1.00 Earth money
Cover: Judge Dredd by Simon Davis


Judge Dredd

Bongo War 8 episodes (Progs 992 to 999) 56 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Lee Sullivan (1, 8), Alex Ronald (2-4), Carlos Ezquerra (5-7), Colour: Alan Craddock (1-4, 8), Letters: Tom Frame
Featuring: DeMarco
Final episode double length
Timeline data: 2118
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 25
Hachette: Judge Dredd The Mega Collection The Pit
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Pit
Hamlyn: Judge Dredd Hamlyn The Pit


Season of the Witch 9 episodes (Progs 991 to 999) 54 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Paul Staples

Sinister Dexter

Family Man 1 episode (Prog 994) 6 pages
Script: Dan Abnett, Artist: Henry Flint
DC/Rebellion: Sinister Dexter Gunshark Vacation

Strontium Dogs

Hate & War 7 episodes (Progs 993 to 999) 43 pages
Script: Peter Hogan, Artist: Trevor Hairsine
Featuring: Middenface McNulty

Vector 13

Case Seven: Buzz-Saw 1 episode (Prog 994) 6 pages
Script: Kevin Gill, Artist: Kevin Cullen

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